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Digital Geeks are industry pros, offering you a holistic view of your business and how it can rank well. We’re never short of time to help you with everything it takes to generate targeted traffic and organic leads. The real beauty of working with us is how we break the most complex of matters into simple, ABC stuff, and bring more value to our efforts.

We go full circle to see why you aren’t ranking well.

A. Keyword Research

The fault could be with your KEYWORDS. Digital Geeks help you select right, targeted keywords and give you accurate estimates to boost visibility, build recognition around your brand and improve rankings.

B. Estimation and Tracking

To know what’s working and what’s not, we track the keywords you’re ranking for and provide you with clear estimates. Also, we check the keywords for which your competitors are ranking and help you do an equal. We track both local and national searches, and give you a full-grade visibility report.

C. Page Optimization

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We spend a good deal of time to analyze each webpage and suggest to you the necessary improvements required to improve page optimization. It could be anything - redoing the content, repositioning of the content, including / excluding keywords and improving meta description and tags among many.

D. Link Building

Links are an armor to go great guns in the digital space. Getting quality links is very crucial to a business to gain better visibility, outrank rivals and gain a competitive edge Digital Geeks are always on the look-out for new, quality links that help you maximize your reach. Each link is purchased after gauging it on various metrics, like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score and more.

E. Site Check

Your website could be reeling with several issues, which are keeping it away from the catch of search engines. We’ve a range of professional tools, helping us figure out the issues with your website and fixing it. Setting up alerts is also possible, which ensure that you come to know when your website has come under the attack and needs a fix.

Above all, you’re provided with data and reports to justify why a strategy has been implemented and how it’s been serving you. This means, you’re ensured total transparency during each level of your brand’s digital marketing campaign.

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