Digital Marketing Agency India - Digital Geeks

Dear Talent, Digital Geeks feel great to have you here. Now, let’s build a team we can be proud of. We’re looking to hire professionals who are willing to create new avenues for those wanting to be successful online. Since we believe that magic happens together, we aren’t just looking for minefields of skills, but people who understand partnership and teamwork in the entirety.

Why Digital Geeks?

1. We Care

By hiring YOU, we’ve promised you a whole bunch of premium benefits for times you need them the most. We’ve a very flexible leave policy to help you feel a little relaxed about salary deductions. We offer PF benefits, medical coverage and daily lunches, so that you feel like family. Regular play and hip sessions keep the mood jovial and spread smiles at desks. There are lots of gotchas you would be knowing if you join us.

2. We Value

We haven’t found an employee in YOU. We’ve found a friend with whom we’ll share the rewards of great work and party like crazies. We believe, each milestone is a collaborative effort and every member, who contributed, should share the success. Your sweat and labor is valued immensely at Digital Geeks.

3. Work-Life Balance

We understand that you've a life outside work to be taken care of. This is why, we've a very flexible and rational leave policy to help you invest some time into yourself and your family, and spring back with a new vigor to take on challenges. So relax, you'll not end up tearing your hair and banging desks on a Christmas or a New Year's eve. Work hard and party harder.

4. We Inform

We make it a point to clear out what’s expected out of you and deliver all the information very systematically. There are regular meetings and department calls to share key insights into various aspects of the company and your goals, so that you can always be ahead of the curve and deliver on a par with our expectations.

5. We Hear

You could be flushing with creative thoughts or having a complaint, we’re here to listen. Just feel free to convey anything that management must know, and help us create a better working environment for you.

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